About System Five




System Five, Inc. is a New Jersey corporation that provides systems engineering consulting and develops customized software solutions for large corporations, law firms, financial corporations, advertising agencies and accounting firms. Since 1987, System Five has served the automation needs of many large, demanding customers.

Officers of the Firm:


The President of the firm, Arnold Toffler, has extensive experience developing operations support systems. Arnold Toffler has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters Degree in Economics, also from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Toffler worked at Bell Labs, developing systems for the telecommunications industry for many years prior to forming System Five in 1987. Consequently, members of the firm understand the scale and total reliability requirements of large firms.


System Five's Customers


System Five has provided consulting and solutions to some of the world's most prestigious law firms, corporations and advertising agencies. We invite our prospective customers to speak to our customers about us.


System Five's Customers


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