Mail Management System


The Mail Management System (MMS) was specifically designed to track all incoming and outgoing package traffic for a large firm.   It is fast, easy to use, quickly facilitates the recording of all pertinent information, dispatches delivery personnel, records proof-of-deliveries and produces meaningful reports. It provides tools that allow your staff to:


1.    quickly enter high inbound package volume from multiple workstation inputs

2.    Simplify and increase the efficiency of recording the all-important Proof-of-Delivery function

3.    Control outbound messenger deliveries through enhanced, automated record keeping. 

The MMS has unique dispatching and proof-of-delivery capability that gives you total control of the entire inbound package function by effectively tracking every time and every handler of the package.

Some technical information about MMS:

MMS is written on a very powerful database platform, running on Microsoft Windows, or the Unix operating system which allows for

·         fast, efficient processing

·         true multi-user operations without one operation waiting for another to complete

·         extensive customization capabilities

·         database query and reporting capabilities

MMS facilitates rapid customization of reports, queries and special programs.


Under either operating system,  MMS allows a single order entry person to do multiple system functions simultaneously from a single workstation. 

The Mail Management Systems comes competitively priced.  Included in our annual maintenance contract (additional), will be a 4-hour on-site response time for all Manhattan-based systems by our local support person. However, most issues are likely to be able to be resolved by telephone, where System Five is always a local call away and response will be generally within 30-60 minutes, providing the customer maintains modem access.

System Five is not like most of our competitors.  We focus on providing comprehensive service to a smaller number of satisfied customers.  We offer outstanding, customized products to our satisfied customers.   We also have created numerous customized applications for our clients.  Our achievements working with the personnel at firms like Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Fried Frank, Harris Shriver & Jacobson, Lehman Brothers and Grey Advertising are well substantiated.



System Five has been on the cutting edge in designing transportation, mail and fax services support data processing systems for the legal community for over ten years, serving such firms as Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Fried Frank, Harris Shriver & Jacobson, Lehman Brothers and Grey Advertising.


System Five clearly understands the law firm culture, having designed most of our systems with the unique demands of the law firm in mind.  After careful review of your current inbound package receiving operation, System Five feels we are uniquely qualified to satisfy a law firm’s needs for incoming and outgoing package processing.


Because we have studied law firms and their environments, There are some unique features and characteristics about our systems:


·         MMS is the only system in its type that actually allows you to dispatch your internal delivery personal for each package or group of packages.  Most manifest-based systems assume you are dispatching packages as you print their manifests.  They do not allow you to mark the time of actual dispatch.  Our system facilitates the precise tracking of all service times, so that you can identify problems or bottlenecks before they ultimately affect the overall quality of service.


·         MMS is the only system that prints individual delivery receipts for each received package.  All other systems allow you to only print manifests, which require you to setup complicated delivery routing ahead of time.


·         MMS was the first system to institute an outgoing pouch chargeback capability, which allows you to bill back individual items or envelopes within a pouch to a particular client.


·         MMS comes with an internal telephone directory module that allows a company to output its telephone directory,  store mail forwarding information for former employees or list temporarily assigned staff or out-of-town lawyers and their locations


·         MMS comes with a unique outbound package tracking module built in, that produces delivery tickets, manifests and record keeping for outbound messenger/trucking work. An additional module for chargeback by client matter number is available.





Law Firms require a powerful but flexible system to track its crucial inbound and outbound package and pouch traffic, a critical function in its mail and distribution operation.  A system that is powerful is needed due to the volume of incoming packages and pouch items that need to be processed quickly and efficiently.  A system that is flexible is required because you need the capability to capture specific information about each shipment, such as who sent it and their department charge and how many pieces or packages are included in the shipment (even order quantities, if necessary).  In addition, you need customized reports to be able to process this key data and track items based on client/matter accounting and reporting requirements.

The Mail Management System (MMS) created by System Five, Inc., addresses all these and many more key concerns.

Some of MMS’ key attributes are:

·         Our programmers and actual end-users (customer personnel) designed MMS.  Hence, the system is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, minimizing keystrokes and providing for easy tracking of items.

·         Each application of MMS is customized to the end-user’s specifications.  Field name changes and other basic customizations come included with the system. 

·         Special, additional customized features, functions and reports that you require can be developed (additional charges may apply).  Maintenance and support charges will not be increased should you require special reports or programs.  Our goal is to have the system fit your operation perfectly.

·         System Five will install and setup the system with your hardware, providing it meets the necessary standards required by the operating system as indicated in the computer hardware list on page 14.  We can provide equipment if necessary.  We will provide licensed copies of all necessary operating systems. 

The Mail Management System is the answer to your in and outgoing package needs.






System Description

Every large firm has hundreds of critical packages pass through its mail or distribution center every day.   The consequences of loss or delay can be devastating.  How does your firm track this flow of critical items?  Can you quickly respond to an inquiry about a missing package?  Can you help locate it?  Can you verify exactly what was received and how many pieces?  If you don’t have a computerized operation, the answers are probably not encouraging.  The Mailroom Management System provides you with all these capabilities.

MMS gives your firm the capability to achieve these objectives:

·         Track Inbound and Outbound Packages

·         Validate Project,  Account, Department or Client Codes

·         Bill for Mail,  “Pouch” or Package Shipping Services

·         Record Detailed Information with Minimal Data Entry

·         Respond Instantly to Inquiries about Missing Items

·         Transfer Data to other Firm Systems

·         Print Inbound and Outbound Manifests or Tickets and Reports

MMS Offers the Following Features:

·         Uses Employee Files (which you provide or we create) to Automatically Input Data

·         Provide Capability for Problem Notation and Package Description

·         Automated “Pouch” Data Entry and Billing

·         Print Courier or Vendor Instructions

·         Alert Personnel to Undelivered Packages

·         Many Service and Management Reports (see Appendix)

System Specifications

The Mail Management System is a multi-user, multi-tasking system operating on a PC network server.  It can also operate on a LAN-based system.  This system is designed for a true multi-user operation, operating under a variety of operating systems (e.g. UNIX, Novell NetWare, SUN OS, Windows, Windows NT, DOS).













System Five presently employs a bar code equipment interface with all of our systems. 


Bar coding offers the following additional capabilities to the System Five products:


·         Print a bar code on a dot-matrix printed delivery ticket or a thermal printed label that can be affixed to a package

·         Scan FedEx & other courier carriers’ airbill numbers directly into MMS including UPS barcode along with any other encrypted information

·         Updating of page assignment (dispatch) time & page name on MMS

·         Quick updating of proof-of-delivery by ticket control number on POD screen including scanning in the image of the POD

·         Instantaneous updating of various crucial system times that cannot be overwritten(e.g., page assigning and proof-of-delivery)

·         Can be outfitted at any MMS terminal or client workstation


Main MMS System Selections

Administrative Selections

 Example of  Package Receiving Under System Five with MMS