System Five Consulting Services


Most companies do not have professional systems engineers as employees. When solutions using customized software solutions are developed, other employees are often used to fill the gap. As a consequence, the solutions are developed at a great expense to the company and with serious omissions in software development and maintenance. These problems usually reveal themselves after a few months when the firm realizes that it no longer has the ability to make even simple changes since there is insufficient documentation and key programming personnel have left the firm.

System Five helps large companies develop and maintain robust customized software solutions so that the systems do not become obsolete when changes are required.

More specifically, System Five helps companies in the following ways:

       Engineer or reengineer key business processes and operations support systems

        Systems Administration and Maintenance

        Install, configure and deploy new computers, servers or networks

        Integrate or adapt systems when mergers or acquisitions occur

        Migrate from one system to another

        Document User and Systems Requirements

        Develop Disaster Recovery Plans and Data Security Plans

        Develop System Operations Plans

        Prepare Cost-Benefit Analysis and Business Cases for Information Technology (IT) decisions

        Develop Web Sites and establish internet servers

Consider our expertise and experience when you need help in improving your operations and computer support systems.


System Five Consulting Services

System Five helps companies protect their computer systems infrastructure and business continuity. System Five offers professional systems engineering, design, management, documentation and support that companies rarely can provide with internal resources.


Business Process Design and Analysis

A well-defined business process can be an organizationís most valuable asset. Often the specific way a firm or an organization operates may represent the culmination of operational improvements over many years. The combination of an organizationís processes and support systems are often the key component of the effectiveness of the organization. Many firms however, do not analyze the way they operate even though they may have invested considerable sums of money in support systems. Most firms do not document their processes and the ineractions with internal or external support systems. Most firms do not have the expertise to perform these tasks correctly and comprehensively. System Five provides the professional, temporary resource needed to protect this valuable component of a firmís resources.


Some important steps in our approach to Business Process Design are as follows:


        Document the Business Process

        Analyze the Process

        Document and Analyze support systems and systems interfaces

        Develop Cost and Operational Objectives and Metrics

Develop Process Related Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans


Systems Administration and New Network Deployment

With the rapid proliferation of networks and internet servers, many firms donít have enough resident expertise to manage and maintain it all. System Five can provide systems administration expertise to help manage both large and small networks and servers. We have experience in maintaining Windows, UNIX, or Linux servers and networks, including routers and other network devices.


Most often when a new firm or site is established, the firm does not have the resources to set up, configure and initiate new computers, servers, data communications connections or networks. System Five provides these services to firms of any size. The same professional experts that are used to build the largest enterprise, Wide Area Networks are also used for establishing  peer to peer networks for small firms. System Five knows how to build scalable solutions with sensible evolution paths for small and medium sized firms. System Five also has experience in building secure, fail-safe networks for large enterprises. In addition, we can help you order, configure and maintain broadband data services for internet access.

Systems Integration

A rapidly changing business environment has often created situations where a firm may have two or more systems performing the same function, or be left with no system at all to perform a critical function. Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, consolidations, both internal and external, usually create system integration or migration problems.  Most companies do not have the resources to develop an integration or migration plan and solution. System Five finds the best solution for a company with systems integration issues.


Document User and Systems Requirements

Most large companies have spent millions of dollars in customized software investments. Very few, however, have protected their investments by developing systems documentation that insures their investment. After a few short years, most customized systems are effectively obsolete. The original programmers have often left the firm. The system can no longer be modified, corrected or changed in any way, since no descriptive documentation exists or hasnít not been updated. We have seen many strange procedural ďwork-aroundsĒ to compensate for out of date, but critical software.

System Five is composed of expert systems engineers. We help businesses document their systems so that they can be updated along with business changes.

Some of the important systems requirements documents that we produce are as follows:

bulletSolution Architecture
bulletChange Procedures
bulletTechnical Operating Environment
bulletData Management and Security Plan
bulletVendor / Proprietor Role Plan
bulletTest Plans
bulletSystem Metrics
bulletInformation Flow Documents
bulletMaintenance Plan