System Five Software Systems and Development

System Five develops, reengineers and redesigns Computer Systems that help businesses control and optimize business operations. Our special expertise is redeveloping legacy systems for web based or network processing environments.

System Five is a leading provider of multi-user cost recovery systems for large corporations. Cost recovery from operations is the result of of better informed management and error prevention. System Five systems provide both.

Corporate Directory Systems

System Five has developed several directory and employee information systems for large corporations and institutions. These systems are secure, web-based systems that provide information about employees' locations, contact information, organizations and forwarding information. These systems all have advanced search and lookup capabilities and are designed for regional, national or global organizations.

Faculty Information Systems

System Five has developed Faculty Information Systems for educational institutions. These systems are designed to retain and provide information about faculty status, courses, committees, publications, academic history, professional activities and accomplishments. several directory and employee information systems for large corporations and institutions. These systems generate a variety reports for help in certification, accreditation and course load scheduling. Annual or multi-year faculty reports can be produced. The systems are secure, web based and accessible from anywhere. 


Courier Administration and Billing System


CABS provides total courier hand and motorized package delivery service management. CABS provides receipt and proof-of-delivery tracking and immediate bill-back capabilities.

Courier personnel performance measurement and a full set of operation management and billing reports are just some of the features that will improve the efficiency and manageability of your operation.

Mail Management System


MMS provides detailed tracking of inbound or outbound mail and packages for firms that send and receive large volumes of important documents. In the mail room, MMS records all received parcels and their final disposition. For inbound parcels, the deliverer and disposition of the parcel are logged for later research, if required. For outbound parcels, the carrier and tracking numbers are logged. MMS also provides outbound pouch logging and tracking as well as pouch expense bill back.